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Posted by:info on 2020-07-02

Consumers in this new changing world opt for higher quality, more durable and long-lasting products rather than their inferior
counterparts. As they have been more cautious about health and safety, the raw materials must be environment friendly,
biocompatible and sustainable along with the above mentioned properties. Compo-SiL® based silicone products meet all the
requirements for the same demand.

Purse and Hand Bags


Designer hand bags and purse companies like Vouge are shifting their trends
to Vegan leather which is equally good looking and more affordable than the
leather counterparts. This ethical fashion trend has changed the perspective of
both consumers and designers as they feel how important it is for a better
future. Stella McCartney, JW PEI, Wilby Clutch, Matt & Nat are few of the
companies that have already started making vegan products. In the same way
Compo-SiL based vegan leather products can be used for the same and offers
much better properties with a lot of scope for customization. It is also a roll-toroll
product that adds extra value to it.

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Outdoor Decoration


Compo-SiL based vegan leather products shows exceptional durability in
adverse environmental conditions and outdoor places. These weather proof
products can also be bonded with the textiles and can be applied to outdoor
furniture henceforth they can have exceptional resistance to oxidative
deterioration due to heat, temperature, electric, chemicals, UV/Ozone/ X-ray
radiation etc.; thus it reduces the environmental impact. Also they still have a
smooth touch sensation which makes Compo-SiL based vegan leather perfect
for outdoor decoration.

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Consumer Products