APPLICATION:Decoration - Silicone Film for Skin-Friendly and Luxury Designs

Posted by:info on 2018-11-06

    Touch comfort and visual quality are important design indicators for premium-grade consumer products and accessories. In particular, the products have a long-term contact to the skin, which requires consideration of the skin affinity and non-sensitization properties to meet the user experience.



      Silicone, which is soft, skin-friendly, and non-sensitizing, is widely used in consumer products and maternity applications. Compo-SiL® solves the surface inertia of silicone , and make it more applicable to diverse applications. Nonetheless, the anti-bacterial property built-in all series of consumer goods and garments applications, which is vital to Compo-SiL® for biomedical applications.


  • Compo-SiL® for Consumer Products

• Soft and elastic

• Smooth feeling

• Easy to clean

• Water-repellent

• Anti-bacterial, deodorant

• Nonirritating

Decoration - Silicone Film for Skin-Friendly and Luxury Designs