APPLICATION:Medical & Healthcare

Posted by:info on 2020-08-30

Selecting a high-quality elastomer for medical and healthcare applications can be a very critical and challenging. A range of
material properties and their processing must be evaluated carefully in order to meet the required performance, specification,
and budget limiation. Because the choice of inferior material may result in losses of time, money, and projects' resources.
Since 1960s, silicone rubber has been widely used in the medical industry for diverse applications. Compo-SiL® based silicone
products comes with an added advantage along with the great silicone properties. The superior biocompatible and
sustainable properties make it a perfect fit for medical and healthcare industry.

  Healthcare Industry 


Compo-SiL® Skin substrates developed by General Silicones following the
patented technology, proves its significance in flexible and wearable electronics
applications, ranging from basic healthcare monitoring to clinical diagnosis of
disease states. It is not only bendable to conform the topography of the skin
but also stretchable enough to accommodate strains during natural body

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  Baby Care


These Compo-SiL® products also have applications in some of the babycare
products. Baby mat are one of the examples where our product can be used as
it is very easy-to-clean. Compared to textile based mats, these are much better
due to water and urine repellence. Additionally, Compo-SiL® based products
are highly durable and majorly focused on baby and child's the healthcare and

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Medical & Healthcare