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Compo-SiL® based laminable flame retardant silicone sheet can be roll-to-roll bonded with different flame resistant fabric using PUR and adhesives. It fulfills the requirement of UL 94-V0 flammability standard and is one of the best choices for safety protection materials through innovative patented technology combining silicone and PU interfaces. Fire safety in many applications is highly required as it is mandatory to ensure the emergency systems like alarms, emergency lightning, and automatic doors on escape doors should be working properly. Flame retardant silicone rubber is a great solution for this.
Because when exposed to fire, Compo-SiL® based flame retardant becomes a hard ceramic which can withstand up to a very high temperature, and comes together with electrically insulating behavior. Furthermore, it's still safe for the environment after
burning as it turns into non-toxic byproducts, such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, and silica. Using as wearable protective gears for the fire fighters also opens up a huge application area. As a surface material for fire fighting or electric welding




This wonderful material could be a very good choice for the safety gloves in PPE kits as it accounts for almost 23 % of total revenue in 2015 , which is increasing exponentially. The main reason for the above mentioned fact is according to OSHA, over 40% of the industrial fatalities and accidents are related to hand injuries which can be decreased drastically with the help of these Compo-SiL® flame retardant gloves.

Compo-SiL® flame retardant sheets are particularly capable of exhibiting the excellent properties of silicone materials. Not only the silicone material gives the flame retardant property, but also can be made in diverse textures which helps in increasing the palm grip and heat resistance. Also due to the textile binding technology of Compo-SiL®, these flame retardant sheets can also be bonded with other high grade branded materials like Kevlar using adhesives.

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