APPLICATION:Flexible Hybrid Electronics(FHE)

Posted by:info on 2020-07-02

Silicone is one of the material of choice, and widely recognized in large scale application industries like health care,
electronics, automotive, aerospace, industrial assembly, construction, textile, consumer, etc. However, there was a long-time
key problem with cured silicone surface showing high inertness to bind with any other functional materials, except for using
adhesive or plasma bonding.

Following an extensive research and innovative patented technology, General Silicones has solved the key problem
mentioned by developing Compo-SiL® substrate, which provides a dual solution for printability and laminability at a same time.
Compo-SiL® is an innovative substrate with diverse applications that having silicone along with a printable and laminable.



In short, the roll-to-roll laminable and printable Compo-SiL® technology enables more functional and comfortable with
unprecedented freedom in wearable electronic design. The revolutionary Compo-SiL® series product has opened up unlimited
possibilities acting as an emerging material and substrate for Flexible Hybrid Electronics.





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Flexible Hybrid Electronics(FHE)