APPLICATION:Garments - Soft, Skin - Friendly, and Elegant Silicone Film

Posted by:info on 2018-11-07

® makes silicone easier to combine with textiles through a hot melt adhesive film while still remain the elasticity of the textile. The surface can be easily printed with logos, company’s trademarks, and other digital designs. The silicone surface can express various physical patterns and colors according to actual needs. Besides, the washability of the product is also essential for garments application. Compo-SiL® is solvent-free, plasticizer-free, and nonirritating, especially anti-bacterial property, which is beneficial for biomedical or maternity uses, is built-in all series for garments application.



  • Compo-SiL® for Clothing Accessories

 People love to have logos or decorations on clothes, in the way that express their own spirits and styles. Indeed, silicone parts are often used in clothes for its unique properties. With Compo-SiL®, not only above properties are brought into your piece of clothes, but also satisfies the require-ments of large-scale production, smooth feeling, and digital printings because of the roll-to-roll based process and the revolutionary modified layer on the side.


  • Compo-SiL® for Compression/ Anti-Relaxation Purposes

Compo-SiL® is highly elastic and soft, which makes it suitable for compression suits application and anti-relaxation designs for the collar.


  • Compo-SiL® for Skin-Friendly Anti-Slip Stripes

  An anti-slip decoration or design is typical in apparel, especially underclothes, which are long-termly attaching with the human bodies. Compo-SiL® is a nonirritating elastomer thanks to the bio-inertia of silicone. It can easily apply to the clothes include the desired printings.


Garments - Soft, Skin - Friendly, and Elegant Silicone Film