PRODUCT:Flame Retardant

Posted by:info on 2020-08-20

Compo-SiL® based laminable flame retardant silicone sheet, which can be roll-to-roll bonded with different flame resistant fabric 
using PUR adhesives. It fulfills the requirement of UL 94-V0 flammability standard. This film shows excellent properties of flame
retardant, chemical resistant, high temperature resistant, UV/ozone/weathering resistant, electrical insulation, non-melting, nondripping,
antifouling, anti-slip, anti-aging, etc.

                                               Product Specifications

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Through an innovative patented technology combining silicone and modified layer, Compo-SiL® flame retardant silicone is one of
the best choices for safety protection materials, acting as surface material of wearable protective equipments for fire fighting or
electric welding, such as gloves, clothing, and shoes.



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                                                                                           Fire safety

Flame Retardant